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Product photography is fundamental in boosting your business and services.
In this era of e-commerce, the perceived value of your products and the reliability of your business often depend on the quality of the photos. Especially when it comes to introducing a new brand, business, or project, having the right image to represent it is key. In the long run, you will see that having high-quality photographs of your products and services will only benefit your business’s rate of customer attraction and retention.

Our Services

Photography Service

Product Photography & Personal shootings
Product Photography are great for e-commerce businesses who are looking for professional photos to showcase their product shot with multiple angles against a white background. Through this, you will be able to get magnificent photographs of your products along with its features. The photos will will help turn your product images into sellable products and present them in a way that makes it appealing to your target audience. Catalog photography can include food, fashion, or everyday products, such as groceries and books.

Product Videography

Advertise. Filiming. Personal
If you’re not using video with your product, you’re falling behind. Pull light-years ahead of the pack with gripping, effective product videos. We bring your product to life with remarkable video content unique to you and your brand. Customers seek out video content about the products they want to buy.

Why You Should Choose Us

⇒ SearchLight Studio will produce exactly the kind of picture you want;

⇒ Here you will find beautiful background walls with different decorations that will make your photos more beautiful.
⇒ Here are the benefits of going live;
⇒ Both modern and classic photographs are taken here;
⇒ SearchLight Studio has both male and female models;
⇒ Both types of Professional Advertisement videos with or without models are made here;
⇒ Fashion Videography Service available here;
⇒ A Professional Advertisement Video can increase the sales of your page and SearchLight Studio will make you Professional Advertisement Video.
⇒ Also, you can get custom photography here if you want.

In other words, SearchLight Studio will take pictures of your choice at a low cost.

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We have become top product photography service provider in bangladesh. Take a look at our clients work portfolio.


WE only use top tier equipments

Professional in-house assistants

We have photographic assistant, also known as a photographer’s assistant, who assists a professional photographer.


Top Standard Studio

Our Studio has all kinds of high-quality equipment for the best product photography in Bangladesh. 

High Technology equipments

We have High-quality Equipment for making the products more lucrative. We always care about the quality.

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Get All The Benefits Of Ecommerce Product Photography Services

Don’t waste the potential of your eCommerce business with bad product photos. Having a robust photography team at your side like LYFE Marketing can increase the profits of your eCommerce store. the rationale is because we have got a photography team with a marketing eye. 

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